Pet Policy:

  1. Pet surcharge is $30.00.
  2. Limit of one dog.
  3. Pets of non-registered guests not permitted.
  4. Owners must pick up after their pets immediately.
  5. Your cooperation is requested in not leaving your pet unattended for extended periods of time in the house.
  6. Pets that bark excessively or act in an aggresive manner or disturb the neighbours will not be tolerated.
  7. Use of the house linens or towels to bathe or dry off pets is strictly prohibited. If you do not have your own I will be happy to provide you with a suitable item.
  8. Please refrain from bathing your pet in the shower or bathtubs inside.
    There are outside rinsing areas.
  9. Pets are not allowed to sit directly on the furniture or bedding. An excessive cleaning charge of $100.00 will be charged to your account if unregarded.
  10. Pet owners are reminded that Chesterman’s Beach serves as a natural habitat to many migrating shorebirds and to please ensure their pet is under control at all times.
  11. Sorry, only dogs are allowed based on owner’s discretion. People wtih allergies are very susceptible to cat dander so I am unable to accept cats in the house


FANTASTIC is all I can say. This is a real showpiece you have here. Thanks for a really great time. We'll make sure and come...

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