New Taxes Imposed as of October 1st, 2018

September 21st, With only 9 days notice, all accommodation providers with even a minimum of one unit will now be charged with collecting an additional 8% PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and 3% MRDT (Municipal Regional District Tax)on top of the existing 5% GST (Federal Goods and Services Tax). This 16% tax is not reflected in the nightly rate for the house, but will be added on for the total, the same way hotels do..... I am not happy about this. I am still trying to at least hold out and not have to join a corporate body like AirBnB or VRBO which would then add an additional 10 - 20% on as... read more

District of Tofino Business License #20190010

This is hopefully prominently displayed enough to avoid incurring the $250.00/day fine.... read more

August 1st, 2017

New calendar up and running! Hopefully I will be able to manage it; if you have any questions just email or call me! Happy summer everyone!... read more

2017 Update

February 26, 2017 Hi Everyone! Here are a few changes... Damage Deposit: Unfortunately times have changed, and for any new bookings a $200.00 damage deposit is required. Cleaning Fee: There is a $150.00 cleaning fee. There is a $50.00/pet fee. No Credit Cards: The fees were exorbitant, so rather than passing on those costs to my guests I stopped taking them and only take cheques, Interac email bank transfers, or cash. Noise Policy: Tofino has a noise bylaw and quiet times are between 10:00pm and 8:00am. There is a $200.00 noise fine (District of Tofino) for any complaints. The house is... read more

Rick Mercer visits Chesterman Beach (and Zoe’s hot tub!)

The Surf Sister surf school is a terrific company that has helped many a visitor to Tofino get up on surfboard for the first time. Check out this piece from CBC's Rick Mercer Report to see how much fun it can be. (Bonus: watch for the hot tub scene at the end - that's the hot tub at Zoe's At North Beach!) ... read more

2012 Update

  Cancellation Policies Summer: A 50% deposit at the time of booking, refundable up to 45 days in advance minus a $45.00 processing fee. Rest of the Year: A one night deposit at the time of booking, refundable up to 14 days in advance of your booked date minus a $45.00 processing fee. 2012 Rates (Same rates since 2006) All rates (except for holidays and summer rates) are based on double occupancy. Additional guests are $20.00/person. There is a maximum occupancy of 6 in accordance with a District of Tofino bylaw. March, April, May $220.00/night based on double occupancy, $20.00/ad... read more

FANTASTIC is all I can say. This is a real showpiece you have here. Thanks for a really great time. We'll make sure and come...

- Susan Read All